Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb

Cocoa Butter Bath Bomb

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Mermaids and Seashells bath bombs are a delight for people of all ages! My fruit and floral scented bath bombs not only soften and fragrance the water, they leave your skin feeling moisturized as well! I've added a bit of fun by using biodegradable eco glitter in the Sparkly Bath Bombs as it will leave a shimmer on your skin.

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Sparkly bath bombs are;



Strawberries & Cream

I’ve made these bath bombs for standard regular sized bathtubs, you can cut these in half and get 2 uses, but if you want a more deluxe feel to your bath, I recommend using the whole bath bomb.

Be sure to clean your bathtub after use, as the cocoa butter can leave your bathtub feeling a little slippery.

Milk & Honey bath bombs have Rose petals.

Orange Blossom bath bombs have Calendula petals.

Lavender bath bombs have Lavender buds.

Black Magic Bath Bomb is just this side of sexy! It's fragrance "Black Magic" is hauntingly beautiful and seductive while it's Black and Deep Purple colors are a little bit mystical.

Each one of my bath bombs is handmade and no two are exactly alike. Buy some to give to your friends who like something a little different or maybe for your favorite Bride to Be.

Any one of my Mermaids and Seashells bath bombs will give you a rich dreamy bathing experience.

Each come shrink wrapped and are tucked into their own organza bag! They're ready to be tucked into a gift basket or give as a gift as is!

Weight- 3 ounces

Handmade in the USA by me, Sandie the Mermaid in my smoke and pet free workshop

Directions- depending upon the size of your bathtub, cut in half and put underneath of warm running water. If you don't like flower petals floating in your bath, simply put the bath bomb in the organza bag and put into the bath water, all of the petals will be captured! Remember to rinse it out well and reuse it for the other half!

*Note- As with all of my bath products, please use in a Clean Bathtub as this aids in not having oils and mica stick to the sides of the tub.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Dead Sea Salt, Kaolin, Cocoa Butter, Mica

there’s also Eco Glitter and Botanical Bits in select ones.