Lotion Bar

Lotion Bar


Do you have rough dry or even cracked skin? Lotion bars are packed full of skin nourishing goodness that can aid in keeping your skin protected while it heals.

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Handmade in small batches to ensure freshness.

Each solid lotion bar comes in its own screw top tin so you can tuck one into your handbag, backpack and/or your gym bag.

*Note- this product will melt if left in a car or in a handbag that’s placed near a heat source (ie the floorboard of a car near a heat vent).

To use- Simply let the bar melt a little in your hand and rub on your skin.

Weight: between 1.2 to 1.4 ounces

Available in several scents, please select one from the pull down menu

*Abalone and Sea- very light and fresh smelling.

*Birch & Black Pepper- a masculine fragrance that has a spicy note (I think it’s rather sexy)

*Golden Embargo- a soft amber fragrance that both men and women enjoy

*Goat Milk and Honey- reminds me of cookies, somewhere between an oatmeal and a sugar cookie (there's no cinnamon in this scent). It's simply delicious! Another fragrance that both men and women enjoy

*Lavender & Chamomile- It's clean and calming scent is very soothing.

*Ginger Spice- this smells just like ginger spice cake . I made this for a special order and I’m offering it to the public.

Lemon Lavender - crisp, clean and lively

Lemon Zest- This fragrance is VERY popular with my customers and I use it in many of my other products.