Mermaid Shampoo Bar

Mermaid Shampoo Bar

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Leaving less of a carbon footprint is what the Shampoo Bar movement is all about. Without a bottle to worry about, Shampoo Bars are excellent for traveling or toting in your gym bag. There’s no worrying about squeezing out too much shampoo for you or your kids when using a Shampoo Bar- just rub and wash!

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This is a SHAMPOO BAR, NOT a fancy bar of soap that rub on your hair- there IS a difference!

Just one of my 4 ounce Mermaid Shampoo Bars will last you longer than a 16 ounce bottle of shampoo, why? Because we tend to squeeze out too much. Pair this up with either my Mermaid Locks or Beach Hair Conditioners for a true Mermaid Hair experience!.

These are a full FOUR OUNCE bar while others sell a two ounce bar. If taken care of properly this bar can last 3 - 4 MONTHS when used for washing only your hair.

Shampoo Bars are perfect for travel- it’s a bar, not a liquid! One less item to cram into that quart sized bag for the airlines! This is what I pack in my carry-on whenever I travel.

Clarifying- “Sand Dune” This will get rid of that hair product build up and leave it squeaky clean. This Shampoo Bar is ultra cleansing.

Conditioning- “Blue Lagoon” for normal to oily hair

Moisturizing- “Mother Ocean” It’s great for those with normal to dry hair. It’s super moisturizing and it’s what I use on my hair.

Men's 3 in 1- “Sea Minerals and Oud” This is a shampoo bar that conditions hair and you can use it on your body. Men want no fuss no muss, well here it is! It’s a shampoo, a conditioner and a body wash all in one!

**Be sure to let your Shampoo Bar dry out completely between uses, away from direct water (outside of the shower is preferable) on the recycled drying mat that comes with your full sized Shampoo Bar.

Weight- 4 ounces

Handcrafted in Massachusetts by me, Sandie the Mermaid in my pet and smoke free workshop.

Customization of fragrance is possible, it will require a purchase of 3 bars and shipping could take up to 2 weeks.