Oil-Infused Simply Lotion

Oil-Infused Simply Lotion


Do you want to get away from complicated ingredients in your lotions and get back to basics? My lotions are formaldehyde and paraben-free. I also use a preservative that's safe for everyone. Each kind of lotion has it's own attributes and each has it's own natural coloring. Comes in recyclable bottles with pumps.

Handcrafted in my home studio (non-smoking; no pets).

Approx. weight: 8 oz.


See below for scent and oil descriptions.

Oil Type / Scent:
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Scent and Oil Descriptions

  • Coconut Oil Lotion: This is a certified non-GMO organic coconut oil that is not over processed which means it smells faintly of coconuts. I chose the fragrance Orange Blossoms (Neroli) as to me it represents the best of Spring and Summer.

  • Hemp Oil Lotion: Amazon Rainforest and this fragrance is suitable for this lotion as it does have a rather strong earthy fragrance of it's own. This is a pale green color that is 100% natural my Hemp Oil is certified non-GMO organic with a naturally occurring very dark green color.

  • Olive Oil Lotion: Milk & Chamomile Tea. Slightly floral, and very pleasant. I used Olive Oil that is certified non-GMO, it's grown and pressed in California. The natural green color of the oil makes this lotion a pale yellow.

  • Sunflower Oil Lotion: Well why would I use any other fragrance but Sunflower? It smells bright and cheery like a sunflower lotion should! This lotion is made from a certified non-GMO oil and is white in color.

  • Avocado Oil Lotion: Patchouli Raspberry, this is a little earthy, woodsy and sweet—this is not your run-of-the-mill, overpowering, hippie patchouli. This is more sophisticated and muted. This is a unisex fragrance that has I used an Avocado Oil that is certified non- GMO, it's a pale green.